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Niall Matter as

Evan Cross

Evan Cross is an inventive genius who's made a fortune in cutting edge micro-tech. Haunted by personal tragedy, he's turned his talents to a new goal, dedicating his life to investigating Anomalies and protecting the public from the dangerous creatures that come through them. His single-minded focus is to prevent others from suffering as he has, and he’s committed both his intelligence and his fortune to this cause. To help him, he's recruited a team of skilled experts – his Special Projects Group. The team works in secret from the "Tank," a repurposed lab at Evan's company, Cross Photonics.


Sara Canning as

Dylan Weir

Dylan Weir is confident, athletic, and adventurous; more comfortable in the wilderness than the city. Her love of animals led her into a career as a Predator Control Officer, handling wild animals that have strayed from their habitats – but nothing could have prepared her for dealing with dinosaurs loose in downtown Vancouver. Dylan is instinct vs. Evan's hyper-intellectualism; she’s the heart to his head. Her fascination with animal behaviour gives her keen insight into her friends and colleagues – often more than they would like.


Danny Rahim as


Mac Rendell is a charming and cheeky British ex-pat with a taste for danger and an extensive knowledge of firearms. Raised in East London council flats, Mac was a 19-year-old delinquent with an uncertain future when Evan Cross offered him the opportunity to come to Vancouver and work for Cross Photonics. It's only after he’s assigned to the Special Projects Group and faced with handling dinosaur incursions that Mac feels he’s found his place in the world.


Crystal Lowe as

Toby Nance

Toby Nance is Evan's right hand in the lab, the whiz kid responsible for building the gadgets that help the team find and understand Anomalies. A lifetime of being too smart for the room has left Toby impatient with anything but excellence, but underneath the sarcastic surface lies a fiercely loyal friend. Toby loves having such cutting-edge science to work on and glimpsing a world beyond what others know. Even if this can at times be frightening.


Miranda Frigon as

Angelika Finch

Ange Finch is the striking, obsessively organized financial and business pro who runs Cross Photonics. Ange's business acumen is what turned Evan's technical genius into such a profitable business. Her history with Evan goes back before his first encounter with Anomalies – she's the only person in his life who's known him since before the tragedy that altered his life.Ange’s loyalty to Evan will be tested when Evan’s obsession with the Anomalies begins to take over his life.


Geoff Gustafson as

Ken Leeds

Lieutenant Ken Leeds is the Air Command officer in charge of Project Magnet, the Canadian government's seemingly defunct bureau of the unexplained. Though his assignment to Project Magnet is intended as a dead-end exile, Leeds chooses to make the most of it. When he learns of Evan's search for Anomalies, Leeds offers his services as liaison between the government and Evan's Special Projects Group, leading to an uneasy alliance.

The Dinosaurs

they're up against...


Raptors varied in size from less then a metre to over seven or eight metres, but regardless of stature, these predators pack a punch. Agile and athletic, the carnivorous dinosaurs were most likely pack hunters who stalked their prey and killed with razor-sharp claws. The term ‘raptor’ loosely refers to a group of dinosaurs; the ones you see in Episode 101 of Primeval: New World are actually based on the late-cretaceous dromaeosaur.

Lived: 167 – 65 million years ago
From: Asia
Eats: You. For breakfast


Graceful in the sky, these aerial giants are (CLUMSY) on land – but fortunately, they could soar effortlessly for hours on end. First discovered in 1870, their fossilized remains have been found on many continents and as far as 160 km from the coast – meaning they probably flew great distances and only landed to mate, nest or rest.

Lived: 120-65 million years ago
From: North America, South America, Europe, Asia
Eats: Fish


The length of a school bus and weighing as much as 20 adult humans, the titanoboa is nearly twice the size of an anaconda. Discovered in a Columbian mine, not much is known about this giant snake, who was around in the period following dinosaur extinction.

Lived: 60 – 58 million years ago
From: South America
Eats: Crocodiles, turtles and fish


These Permian predators resembled a scaled-down wolf – their legs were longer and their build more slender than many reptiles. Its pointed canine teeth were ideal for chomping on flesh and it could outrun most other vertebrates. They are part of a small group of animals thought to be the missing link between reptiles and mammals; it’s assumed they had both scales and hair.

Lived: 280 million years ago
From: South Africa
Eats: Small reptiles

(demon lizard!)

An early species of dinosaur with a fearsome set of teeth, these guys were a deadly knee-high combination of muscle, tooth and claw. Agile and fast, they hunted in packs and could bring down much larger prey by attacking legs then swarming in like piranhas. Don’t underestimate their seemingly mischievous nature; they lived up to their name.

Lived: 200 million years ago
From: North America
Eats: Bigger dinosaurs

Terror Bird
(titanis walleri)

These vicious carnivores used their heavy beaks to batter obstacles and tear flesh, and left little of their victims intact. Flightless birds, these 8-foot-tall predators could none the less run 65 km/h – making them pretty difficult to take down.

Lived: 5 – 2 million years ago
From: North America
Eats: Meat. And bones. And organs.


Its name means “thick-headed lizard” and that isn’t a slight. These bipedal omnivores are famous for large, bony domes atop their skulls – up to 25 cm thick. They had sharp, serrated teeth and could be up to 4.5 metres in length.

Lived: 65 million years ago
From: North America
Eats: A little bit of everything


A tyrannosaurid theropod, the Albertosaurus was probably the top of its local food chain. Though smaller than its famous cousin, the T-rex, adults still measured in at an impressive 9 metres in length. These ferocious predators were quick-footed and boasted deadly jaws with 60+ teeth.

Lived: 70 millions years ago
From: North America (Alberta, Canada)
Eats: Whatever it wants

Flying Beetle

We took a little liberty with this one. Beetles didn’t evolve until the cretaceous period and insects were at their largest in the carboniferous – but these eight-footers are larger than anything on the fossil record. The beetles in episode 103 have bad eyesight and thus long antennae, and they’re carnivorous.

Lived: Didn’t
From: ?
Eats: Pilots


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